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Chandler Warren-Gray

For us trust confidence and professionalism are very important when doing business. Simon for us has exceeded those qualities and beyond. Will do business with him again.

Chandler Warren-Gray January 13 2017

Excellent and friendly. Well organised.

HANS BOMAN December 05 2016
Letitia White

The company was not as prepared for the appointment as I expected but once I arrived they were very helpful and efficient and put full effort into the appointment. I ended up making an offer on a property in Lagos that was acceptable. They had good contacts with financing and legal.

Letitia White November 11 2016
Keith Hopper

It was a joy to work with Paul whilst in Albufeira. I came here just to look at the area, but I am leaving having started the process to buy a lovely villa.

Thank you Paul !


Keith Hopper November 09 2016
Abdelhak (arack) Ayadi and Miquelien (Micky) Da Silva

Anne has been following us from the start, providing the right kind of information, always with a constructive attitude.

Abdelhak (arack) Ayadi and Miquelien (Micky) Da Silva October 31 2016

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