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Philippa Taylor Sales Manager - Golden Triangle


Philippa moved to Portugal eight years ago having lived for four and a half years in Spain. In the UK she had a successful career in Corporate Banking where she was fast tracked through various roles to management and then moved on to be a director of a Finance Company. During her time in Portugal she has worked in the mortgage and currency market s and brings a wealth of knowledge to the property industry.

What do you like most about Portugal?

The climate for me is the main reason I love this country, it allows you to plan and do things outdoors in the summer and winter time. We also have that seasonality so you look forward to the cooler months and you don’t mind the rain because you know you will have guaranteed sunshine for a number of months, something that didn’t happen in the UK.  You have the infrastructure here too, excellent hospitals, shopping malls, good schools etc. Whatever you like to do whether it’s scuba diving, going to concerts, enjoying gourmet restaurants, playing sport, you can find it here.

Why do you like working for

The company has been built up with blood sweat and tears over the years and you can tell. It has real heart and consideration for its clients and its staff. Personally I love the journey of speaking with a client that doesn’t know Portugal at all, has never been but is exploring the possibility of either having a holiday home here or going all the way and relocating. When we find them that dream property, there is no better feeling.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I have a nine year old daughter and she keeps me pretty active. We enjoy going for bike rides, horse riding, picnics, and heading off for the weekend camping. Mostly I’m a taxi service for her many activities and social life but occasionally I get a look in myself and enjoy a good night out with my friends where I can sometimes be found dancing on the tables. I love cooking so hosting bbq’s and dinner parties are also a favorite pastime.

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