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Veronica Rosa Operations Manager Lisbon


Verónica was born to Chilean mother and Portuguese father in Switzerland and moved to Portugal when she was 3 years old. Spanish is her second language, her mother taught her Spanish at a very young age and she also speaks fluent English and Portuguese.

She studied Tourism and management of touristic companies, also spent 4 years in a short term rental company gaining all the knowledge she possibly could, managing owners, clients, new contracts and developing new projects. Her knowledge of Lisbon? That came voluntarily long before starting to work and college. Lisbon is her true passion.

What do you like most about Portugal?

Being daughter to a Chilean mother and to a Portuguese father you develop a lot of love for cities and places in particular. Portugal and Lisbon in particular were a case of love at first sight. Portugal has absolutely everything anyone could wish for, different landscapes, perfect weather, a beautiful coast line and (for me) most importantly very good gastronomy. Also the people very warm and loving, making it even more delightful to enjoy all these great experiences Portugal has to offer.

Why do you like working for has a very rare and amazing thing, they know the true value of teamwork. Also has its dynamic and ambitious way of dealing with the vendors and purchasers. The company´s atmosphere originates on you a small bug that is constantly seeking for new projects and brand new solutions to improve.

I believe that this company matches with all my goals and yearning for new and challenging projects and that’s why I like working here.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Walking around Lisbon and discovering beautiful hidden places and cafes, for me this is priceless, sometimes I still get that feeling that I am tourist in my own city, every day you have a new bar, a new café or a new restaurant, so it is like there is always something new to visit and get to know. However as we all know on rainy days everyone likes to stay home warm and cozy. For me the ideal plan is to bake something sweet and watch 3 to 4 movies. I am a big cinema lover and I could easily stay home for a whole weekend just watching movies.

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