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Twenty-Five Reasons to Invest in Portugal Property Published on 27 Jan, 2016 by /

Twenty-Five Reasons to Invest in Portugal Property

Have you ever visited another area that entices you to stay longer than originally planned? Portugal has a charm that encourages people from around the world to relocate or buy a second home. The natural beauty and manmade creativity found in the cities, countryside and beaches are remarkable.

Four top reasons to live in Portugal

1. One of the Top Climates in Europe. The breeze off the Atlantic Ocean cools down the coast during the hot summer. Winters are mild, with winter temperatures in coastal regions generally remaining above 5 C/41 F.

2. English spoken here. Young people in this southern European country are adept at carrying on a conversation in English. The older generation typically includes French and English as joint second languages. You’ll likely never need a pocket translator because there are so many residents fluent in English.

3. Friendly people. You’ll find welcoming, friendly people who make you feel comfortable. A relaxed lifestyle reduces stress and builds happiness.

4. Anyone can buy property in Portugal. Contact the experienced real estate professionals at for information about how to invest in or buy property in fantastic Portugal.

Five favourite methods of commuting convenience

1. Trams. Trams have carried locals and visitors throughout many of the cities for dozens of years. You’ll enjoy the convenience of riding the tram to reach out of the way areas in beautiful Lisbon. 

PortugalProperty - Trams in Portugal

2. Beautiful roads with unique patterns. Portugal has an incredible display of art that is literally on the street! Cobblestones are placed in a variety of colours and designs to provide a spark of adventure and appreciation during your travels.

3. Well-maintained highways. You’ll find excellent highways and well maintained secondary roads. Motorists are encouraged to drive defensively, obey traffic laws and signals, and watch out for pedestrians.

4. Take a train. Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is less than an hour away from Lisbon by train. The hilltop town of Sintra provides a beautiful view of the hills, castles and fortresses that make up the area. Pena Palace (Palacio da Pena) is particularly famous for its romantic architecture.

5. Accessible air travel. Portugal is directly connected to half the world through air travel. This western most mainland European country is strategically located to the African, European and American continents. It’s quick and easy to fly into this beautiful country and learn why it is so popular.

Six styles of culinary delights

1. It’s pleasant to reside where you can relish the foods you enjoy. Find your favourite foods and an assortment of other culinary pleasures in this part of the EU.

2. Truly Fresh Fish! Portugal boasts the biggest fishing zone in Europe. Over 800km of coast make the country an ideal location for fish aficionados to order a meal without worrying if the fish is fresh.

3. Bakeries entice the appetite. Custard tarts, crusty bread, and tasty pastries are reasons to get up early in the morning and celebrate the new day. You’ll be delighted to experience the multitude of bakeries in Portugal.

4. Codfish day and night. Bacalhau is Portuguese for codfish, a major part of the country’s diet. One breakfast recipe is made with scrambled eggs, olives and codfish. The goal is to restore the popularity of this nutritious, delicious fish.

5. Experience the Wine. Wineries in Portugal produce crisp, flavourful award-winning wines at a consumer-friendly price

.Portugal Wines

6. Trade fish for shellfish. Shellfish provide a unique taste of the sea. Traditional and modern recipes provide a flavourful display of dishes like pork with clams and octopus salad.

7. Chocolate. Obidos hosts the International Chocolate Festival in March of each year. A Moorish castle rebuilt into a hotel and medieval walls around the small town are other reasons to add Obidos to your bucket list.

Nine fun things to know about and do in Portugal

1. Intriguing longevity. Portugal has been in existence since 1143, ranging from an empire to an individual country.

2. Ancient history. Lisbon is Europe’s second oldest city. The architecture is lovely to behold. This trendy city celebrates life with beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife.

3. Festivals Galore. Festivals are common events throughout Portugal. The city of Lisbon holds an annual celebration each June to honour Santo Antonio, the patron saint of Portugal. He is regarded as a healer and the guardian of good marriages. He is also honoured as the defender of animals and keeper of lost things. The event last for two or more days and includes dancing, food and music.

4. Enjoy beautiful sunsets as the sun drops into the ocean. Most of Portugal’s beaches and coastline face west. Imagine the glory of a gorgeous sunset while you relax on the beach and watch the gentle ocean waves lap against the shore. The experience is incredible because the natural light makes it look as if the sun is sinking directly into the water.

.Portugal Sunset

5. Photo ops and waves. Surfers and photographers enjoy the huge waves of Nazare. The traditions of this fishing village include serving and selling tasty fresh fish.

6. Neighbourhood markets are exciting. Also known as farmers markets, neighbourhood markets are popular around the world. Fresh veggies and fruit compete with local crafts and tasty snacks as the vendors call out their wares to gain the attention of the crowd. Lisbon and Porto are two of the cities featuring neighbourhood markets.

7. Tile art adds pizzazz. Look for breath-taking tile art on buildings and in museums. It turns ordinary walls and exhibits into a variety of colour and design.

8. Take a break in Porto. A romantic setting, friendly residents and merchants, and delicious food are reasons to visit Portugal’s second-largest city. The hustle and bustle of the waterways features small boats traveling to different parts of the country.

9. Catch a wave. The mild climate along this part of the Atlantic provides waves for any level of surfing ability. Learn or add to your surfing expertise. No beach is quite the same. From the impressive cliffs around Algarve to the dark volcanic sands of Azores, you’ll be able to experience surfing excitement in this country without time constraints when you own property in Portugal.

Thousands of residents and tourists enjoy hiking in Portugal Islands every year. Dozens of golf courses are located across the country. Sightseeing is a favourite activity. The Lisbon Oceanarium is Europe’s largest indoor aquarium. There is literally something wonderful for everyone to do.

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